Honesty, the base of O-Kings’ foundation
We take honest as the core conception.
And carry out it to daily actions of each employee.
Make this a wish from within sincerely.
Honest isn’t only a sail of power to help O-Kings fly,
But also a society responsibility to be taken by us.
Oseed has become the strong furniture brand in China.
But we still need eternal honest culture, accumulate great forces to create a century’s brand of Oseed.
Market, the source of victory
Advantage competitive power is always in the variational law of marketing
To get the ability of finding sustainable clients and potential clients.
Study and make fit to the market is believed as the key approach to be outstanding.
Clients are the base of our existence and a friend of our development.
To satisfy and serve clients is a ever lasting endeavor.
We, strive to touch you.
Creation, the fountain of development
Constantly creation can strengthen the core competitiveness,
So we strive to look for the source of creation.
We keep close exchanges and cooperation with universities,
To absorb advanced experiences of production management achievements by continuous learning.
We combine technological application with practices to go on creativeness work.
Creation spark is shining from time to time,
And Become the strong driving force to push O-Kings fast development.
Quality, the foundation of powerful O-Kings
High quality product is the common expectation and pursuit of the society, clients and the enterprise,
Also is a firm foundation to become strong and flourish.
Top quality product is created by the best staff,
We commit to helping staff become a outstanding creator.
Quality oriented, outstanding pursuit, best products created and contribution for the society,
They are the eternal aim of O-Kings.