Business Vision
2015 , trying to do the soft loading custom furniture service first brand 2020 , trying to do the hard and soft benchmark for enterprise integration services installed by 2025 , for enterprise scale to reach more than 5,000 people , so the industry NO.1

Corporate Mission
To build the perfect human engineering , to bring you the safety and comfort of security, and value is reflected
The spirit of enterprise Chong learned optimism goodness

Service concept
Treasure entrusted , intentions, so customers always partners .
Respect for customers, understanding customers, depending on the interests of the company interests of customers , exceed customer expectations continue to provide products and services.

Design concept
Originality , detail, quality, taste
New , from the good, from the United States, from fine

Core Values
Responsible for the integrity and win-win attitude
We uphold honest business .

Our actions are in line with requirements of moral value , Benedict Shou integrity , so a hundred years . StaffPeople-oriented, inspire potential.
In a fair competition , self-realization , team spirit , to the pursuit of excellence in the work environment to inspire each employee's potential. Construction Excellence, perfection .
With our sophisticated construction , return customers trust, will design the perfect performance by the wonderful construction . Material Environmental health , love life .
High quality , environmentally safe materials, so that more long-term health . PriceFair trade.
We uphold the idea of pursuing a reasonable profit to develop a unified standard price , fair trade .